Setting up Environment in Windows WSL

If you don’t have WSL set up already it’s a great tool and there are detailed instructions and a download link here: Once installed I setup nodejs, npm, python, rust and the solana sdk. Here are the commands: Once setup we can test it by running a simple hello world application The final thing I’d recommend …

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How Solana Smart Contracts Work

So the basic workflow is develop a smart contract in Rust > Compile with Cargo > Deploy using NodeJS. A Solana smart contract is read-only or stateless. Once deployed it can be interacted with by 3rd party accounts that can store fixed amounts of data. In practice this means we deploy the smart contract code …

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Solana Pro’s & Con’s

So why use Solana, let’s look at some pros and cons Pros Cons Fast confirmation times (0.4 second blocks) Not Ethereum virtual machine compatible Scalable to 50k tps Requires smart contract to be coded in Rust or C Low cost transactions (opportunity to grow due to Ethereum gas fees) Undeveloped ecosystem in terms of DeFi …

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Introduction to Solana

Solana is a high performance modern blockchain with impressive throughput capabilities. It can handle 50,000 transactions per second which makes it scalable and fast enough to enable a new era of decentralised applications (dApps). Solana was built as part of the Alameda group of products which are all intertwined with FTX, Serum, Bonfida & Raydium. …

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